Reasons To Enjoy A Healthy Breakfast : 10 Guidelines For Better Choices

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10 Reasons To Enjoy A Healthy Breakfast.

1. Energy – Your energy levels will be maintained and sustained by eating low GI foods that have a slow energy/glucose release.

2. Metabolism – Skipping breakfast will lower your metabolism and make it harder for the body to burn fat.

3. Weight – Consuming a low fat, low GI, and good protein source meal is the best way to start daily, and kick start your metabolism, this will help keep body fat levels down.

4. Memory – There has always been good evidence based studies to sudgest breakfast eaters regulate blood glocose levels, which in turn helps our brain cells keep regulated.

5. Alertness/concentration – Research has shown breakfast skippers have higher work related accidents, a tired brain needs optimum supply of energy.

6. Hunger – Slow release foods such as low GI promotes satiety, this prevents the urge to binge on high fat, high sugar and calorie dense foods.

7. Mood – Breaking the fast, by feeding your brain a nutrient rich meal helps to cheer us up.

8. Stress – Again, evidence has backed breakfast as a stress buster. avoid to much caffeine and consume a nutritious breakfast.

9. Hydration – Start the day off bye loading up on fluids, avoid sugary drinks, this will improve your skin as well as better kidney function.

10. Immunity – Begin each day with good sources of antioxidants such as Vitamins A,C, and E. B vitamins, and zinc. all these should combat any unwanted illnesses.

Start With Gradual Changes.

If it’s a lifetime habit of yours to have skipped breakfast regularly, then try and start eating breakfast once or twice per week. Then gradually build your frequency of regular breakfast consumption to six or seven times per week. Remember, small gradual changes for long term success.

In this video i show you how to prepare a simple healthy breakfast from scratch –  let all the reasons above serve as motivational factors to start each day of on the right foot.

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