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OPTIMUM HEALTH & FITNESS was created by myself, Neil H. Jones, to provide people with the education and lifestyle changes required to achieve your health, fitness, and sport specific goals. Through personal or group/team training, online program design, dietary analysis and nutrition consultations, working with OPTIMUM HEALTH & FITNESS will manage all aspects of your health and fitness lifestyle, no matter your background. Whether you are a novice gym user or a life long gym junkie; a specialist population; a sport specific athlete; trying to lose body fat, gain lean tissue, or correct a posture problem; prepare for a certain sport; or perhaps need guidance/analysis with your Diet and Nutrition – OPTIMUM HEALTH & FITNESS is committed to educating, helping and guiding you through your journey to achieve your own personal results and goals in a way specifically designed to meet your needs.

Health and Fitness Training services by Neil H. Jones, Elite Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist:

Personal Trainer in Calgary – Investing in personal training is the best gift you can give yourself.  Its an investment in your future – Hire me as your Calgary fitness professional.

Online Personal Training – Personalized workout programs and motivation can be sent to you anywhere in the world for optimum health gains.

Dietary Analysis & Nutrition – >Increase your health, lose or maintain weight, reach your sport specific nutritional goals – Combine this with personal training.

Sports Specific Training – Physical conditioning process is a must for sports specific fitness Calgary athletes to optimize their performance.

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