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Posted On August 7, 2014 | Filed Under

Neil Jones defines passionate and professional with respect to health and fitness, truly personifying his craft. Through his vast knowledge, his attention to correct form and detail, his diverse and innovative training methods, his individualized training programs and nutritional strategies and his commitment to his clients (their goals and as overall people) – results and success are just an added bonus to the lifestyle transformation Neil delivers.

I have worked with Neil on an ongoing basis for the last couple of years through personal training and nutrition education. One of the main focuses of our training has been to work around traumatic injuries I have suffered that have gotten in the way of training the way I would like to.

Working with Neil has enabled me to exercise to the fullest capabilities of my body, as well as improving my nutrition for what is best for my body – increasing my strength, endurance, and pain free living to the elite level I was prior to injuries. Neil works tirelessly for his clients and is truly committed to the movement of living the healthiest and fittest lifestyle possible.