Karen / Triathelete

Posted On January 19, 2013 | Filed Under

My relationship with fitness began in my early 20’s when I joined the RCMP and was required to exercise as part of a troop on a daily basis in a paramilitary style training environment. I am in my mid 40’s now and have been committed to fitness ever since those police academy training days. I have typically been a runner but also maintained regular weight workouts. More recently my interest has turned to triathlons. After my first summer of competing in triathlons I was looking for some kind of edge to help improve my triathlon times the following summer. I began weekly workouts with Neil with a focus on core strength. Neil’s approach to strength training was a refreshing change from the weights/reps/sets style I had been used to. Neil introduced me to an endless variety of TRX and integrated multi-joint exercises, always with a focus on proper form and technique and ways to progress the exercise as I improved. It was immediately clear to me after my first workout with Neil that he is a true professional in his field who takes pride in the work he does. Neil remains 100% focused on me during our training sessions, regularly provides feedback with each exercise, and takes all of my concerns and questions seriously. Neil is also clearly well-educated in all aspects of fitness and health.

Within the first 6 weeks of working out with Neil I noticed a significant improvement in my core strength. As I began my second triathlon season, I noticed that this improved core strength was helping in each my swim, bike, and run portions. Most noticeable was my ability to maintain good running form right through to the end of a half or full marathon distance instead of feeling my form begin to cave with fatigue. Neil’s knowledge and experience helped me to improve in exactly the areas I wanted to improve and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone else looking for a trainer, whether it be someone new to fitness or an experienced athlete.