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Testimonial: Joel

StatisticsJoel / Lost 33lbs

I first met Neil while we were working together. I was new to the profession and was immediately intrigued by Neil’s style of training and attitude. I signed up for a Tough Mudder race and had some goals for myself to prepare – to lose 35 lbs, drop down to 10% body fat, increase strength in all areas with a focus on agility, speed, endurance and balance. In general – my overall goal was to get back into the same type of shape I was in while playing competitive hockey. Neil’s functional core integrated style of training kept me constantly challenged with variety and progressions. I was able to reach 8% body fat and lose 33 lbs, with overall strength, agility and endurance gains I wouldn’t have ever imagined. My results have transferred over into all of my athletic endeavours, especially my rotational force in golf and baseball, and into my life as a whole. The knowledge Neil instilled in me as an athlete and a trainer far exceeded my goals, having an indirect effect on my career and my clients – his knowledge, commitment and passion for what he does is extremely motivating and inspiring.