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StatisticsCassie / New Exercises

I would be happy to provide some feedback on my training with Neil. I think he’s a great trainer – he’s able to tell which areas I’m lacking in and helps me to improve in those areas. He really listened when I told him what my goals are and he bases my workouts off of that. He’s constantly showing me new exercises as well as ways to advance certain exercises as I improve, all while making sure my form is correct and I’m being challenged. He is always able to answer any and all questions I direct at him – really knows his stuff and, as he’s a nutritionist, he has very good advice when it comes to eating a balanced diet. Also, he has a very positive attitude, which makes training with him even more enjoyable.

Overall, Neil is an excellent trainer and I’m very happy to have been paired up with him. I would have to say he goes over and above what I expect from him.