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StatisticsAlix / Reduction In Hips/waist. Speed & Agility Gains.

I have been training with Neil for just under two months now and it is an investment I will not soon regret. As a soccer player that has competed at the highest levels, I was already very knowledgeable about fitness training, but in the past 2 months Neil has opened my eyes to so much more. He is truly passionate about what he does, mindful of previous injury, and he is incredibly thorough when going over your personal fitness goals. Playing a competitive sport for 18+ years can start to make working out feel like a job rather than a pastime. Neil has completely changed that for me and I couldn’t be happier being in the gym again. Neil brings a unique approach to working out as he incorporates TRX, kettle bells and battle ropes into his sessions. He always keeps things fresh and we never do the same exercise twice. Although I didn’t have specific goals other than trimming down a bit, I have seen huge changes in my body; changes I didn’t expect to see so fast! In the first month I built a significant amount of muscle in my quads and lost a number of centimeters off my waist/hips. I am still playing soccer occasionally and I have noticed improvements in my speed and agility. Neil has exceeded my expectations with his knowledge, passion, patience and dedication and I look forward to continue training with him. I used to work out because I had to for my sport, but I am now happy to say that I work out because I enjoy it. Thanks Neil for rejuvenating my passion for physical fitness!