Featured Client Testimonials

StatisticsAlix / Reduction In Hips/waist. Speed & Agility Gains.

I have been training with Neil for just under two months now and it is an investment I will not soon regret. As a soccer player that has competed at the highest levels, I was already very knowledgeable about fitness training, but in the past 2 months Neil has opened my eyes to so much […]

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StatisticsDean / Improvements In Golf Performance

The work that Neil and I did together was a huge benefit to my golf game. The focus on producing, and controlling of rotational force Neil teaches allows a more explosive golf swing while remaining in control of the club, which leads to increased distance and accuracy! I would not hesitate to recommend Neil as a trainer […]

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StatisticsJenn / Soccer Player / Sports Conditioning

Neil Jones defines passionate and professional with respect to health and fitness, truly personifying his craft. Through his vast knowledge, his attention to correct form and detail, his diverse and innovative training methods, his individualized training programs and nutritional strategies and his commitment to his clients (their goals and as overall people) – results and […]

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Testimonials: Jesse

StatisticsJesse / Gained 10lbs Lean Mass

I have trained with numerous trainers over the years, and Neil Jones stands out as one whose qualifications and knowledge are top-notch. At the end of a session, the workout more often than not hit areas that I’ve never been able to on my own. I appreciate that Neil understands both my abilities and limitations. […]

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StatisticsMark H / Triathelete

As a triathlete and long distance runner I realized that in order to improve my performance and reduce chance of injury that I needed to incorporate functional strength training. I was leery that a personal trainer would just provide me cookie cutter workouts that would waste my time and not assist in meeting my objectives. […]

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Testimonial: Mark

StatisticsMark / Tennis Strength / Conditioning

I’ve been working with Neil Hywel Jones now for about 3 months to improve my fitness, power and speed on the tennis court, and he does an amazing job helping you get the results you want and need. His knowledge, expertise and ability to plan workouts that fit my needs have already shown results I […]

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