Optimum Health & Fitness: Services

Optimum Health & Fitness offers a wide variety of services for all your needs: Personal Trainer in Calgary, Online Program Design, Dietary Analysis and Nutrition, Sports Specific Training

Health and Fitness Training services by Neil H. Jones, Elite Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist in Calgary:

<a href=”/personal-training /”>Personal Trainer in Calgary</a> – Let me guide you step-by-step to your goals and show you the results you deserve.

<a href=”/online-program-design/”>Personal Trainer Online</a> – Wherever you’re located in the world, I can create my clients a personalized video program to follow.

<a href=”/dietary-analysis-nutrition/”>Dietary Analysis &amp; Nutrition</a> – &gt; If you’re looking to lose or gain weight, or have sports specific nutritional goals I will guide you there.

<a href=”/sports-specific-training/”>Sports Specific Training</a> – Strength & conditioning is a crucial process to optimize athletic performance. Start today.

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