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I am a Health and fitness enthusiast certified in personal training & nutrition. Im a passionate coach based in Calgary AB striving to help others live a healthier lifestyle. This channel is one way of sharing, educating and arming other coaches and health/fitness enthusiasts with new fitness and activity drills that will benefit performance and every day life.

At Optimum Health & Fitness, you can look forward to getting the latest health and fitness Calgary videos. As a certified trainer, I’m dedicated to demostrating the best moves to strengthen, tone, and improve weight loss.

Each of the videos will go over the complete workout move so you know about proper form as well as what needs to be done. You can then perform the activities on your own in order to gain all the benefits. As a trainer, I always talk about WHY you should be doing certain movements – and this will allow you to pick and choose between the videos so you know more about what you should be doing to reach your own personal goals.

The fitness  Calgary videos only last a few minutes, but can go into significant detail so there are no questions as to how you should perform a move. If you’re tired of looking at fitness drawings to figure out how to do a handstand pushup or any other move, look no further!

Optimum Health

This channel is designed to educate health and Calgary fitness enthusiasts as well as connect with other coaches across the industry.

Everyone has the opportunity to be more fitness-oriented, though many have no idea what they need to be doing. Fitness and activity drills should be done daily, and will become habit over time.

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There’s no need to be nervous about trying a new move. Incorporating them into your daily routine can have significant benefits, including working muscles that you don’t normally work and allowing you to push yourself a little bit further.

Take the time to watch a fitness Calgary video in its entirety before you try to do it on your own. Then follow along with the video. After watching a few times, you should have the movement down and then you can repeat as frequently as you desire.

New health and fitness videos are released on this youtube channel frequently, so bookmark the site and check back frequently. It will help you to develop a more strenuous workout routine and ensure that you are following proper form at all times so that you can reduce the likelihood of injury.

If you wish to learn more about personal training and nutrition, contact me today for TRX classes and more.